How to create account in Pearson VUE?

How to create account in Pearson VUE?

1. Go to Peasron VUE website (click here). Click "Create account" at the right.

2. Enter you first name, last name and ISA ID. These must be matched the record in ISA US website. Please log in to ISA US website ( to check these information. ISA ID is CSID. You can check this ID in ISA US email or in "My Dashboard" page in ISA US website. Click "Next" after filling in. 

3. Please verify the information displayed. Make sure to check the first name and the last name. Your name must match exactly as it appears on the Hong Kong ID card you will present at the test centre. If the displayed name is different from your Hong Kong ID card, please contact ATP customer service (Tel: +852 2567 9312). After checking all the information is correct, click "Next" at the bottom of the page. 

4. Set up the username and password according to the instruction. Click "Check Availability" to check the username before you go to the next page. Click "Finish" after set up the username and password.

5. Click "Next" to schedule the CA exam.


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