Technical Advice

Technical Advice

Arbortools has a team of people who are Certified Arborists, Certified Tree Worker/Climber Specialists, Utility Specialists, and Tree Risk Assessor Qualified.  If you need help with interpreting data gathered from a technical instrument,  need help knowing how to install a Cobra Tree Support System, need to learn how to best utilize an Air Spade, or need help with any other topic, please contact us:
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    • Technical Support and Repair

      Arbortools offers technical support and training on all listed products.  Certain products require very technical support such as the Resistograph, Arbotom Sonic Tomograph while other products require training such as the Air Spade, Cobra Tree ...
    • Private Training

      Arbortools training Arbortools offers global training for products.  A qualified representative of Arbortools is available to provide training as needed. Please contact us with your enquiries:
    • Repair and Calibration

      Repair and calibration services are offered for all available products.  Warranty coverage varies for each product and Arbortools can help extend that warranty coverage and service on an annual basis.   Contact us for warranty ...
    • How to determine which model of Resistogprah is suitable to use?

      The Series 650 machines come in several configuration to match differing needs and regions. R650-PR: It is designed for power poles and timber structures R650-EA: It provides accurate data in conifers and boreal hardwoods R650-ED: It has more ...
    • Can I use Resistograph to test timber beams in historic buildings?

      Yes, Resistograph  R650-EA is capable to test timber beams in historic buildings. It can detect decay in wood and check timber structural integrity. For details, please contact